Product FAQ

1) What is BerryClair?
BerryClair is a very delicious SUPER ANTIOXIDANT Collagen Beauty Drink – which promotes healthy and vibrant skin, provides systemic health and overall wellness from within. BerryClair incorporates both advanced and natural ingredients, includes Super Nutrients and Super Antioxidants – Astaxanthin, Maqui Berry, Acai Berry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Elderberry, Vegetables, Vitamin C, Collagen Tripeptide, Ceramide, Curcumin, Black Turmeric, and essential vitamins & minerals. BerryClair contains No Sugar Added, No Preservatives, No Artificial Colouring, No Artificial Flavouring, No Harmones, and No Harmful Chemicals.

BerryClair is the most predominant & all-in- one solution designed for everyone to achieve a smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin, and a healthier body.


2) Why should I consume BerryClair?
For perfectly flawless, bouncy and watery-shine skin in just matter of weeks!

BerryClair promotes healthy skin and provides a range of beauty benefits, from evening out the skin tone, correcting the visible signs of ageing, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, significantly firming and tightening skin, improving skin hydration, and giving the skin a smooth and vibrant appearance.

BerryClair also offers the MOST POWERFUL antioxidant protection against free radical and UV damages, strengthens liver health, as well as provides systemic health and overall wellness from within.


3) Who is suitable to consume BerryClair?
It is suitable for both men and women who wish to have beautiful and vibrant skin, and healthy body.


4) How will you feel after taking BerryClair?
– Brighter complexion, healthier and more youthful skin.

– Skin’s moisture restored and maintained.

– Skin’s firmness improved and skin’s elasticity restored.

– Skin became fairer, smoother and more radiant.

– Fine lines, wrinkles and appearance of aging minimized.

– Skin recovered quicker after damage or illness, pimple redness reduced.

– Eye health, vision and clarity improved.

– Body immune and cardiovascular system strengthened.

– Cellular metabolism, digestion and colon health improved.

– Sleep quality improved and more energetic.


5) How was BerryClair created?
BerryClair was created from a collaborative effort of nutrition experts and an experienced formulation team.


6) What makes BerryClair different compares to other supplements in the market?
BerryClair supports outer beauty and inner health. It is the foundation for a healthy skin and energized lifestyle. Made with SUPER FRUITS and SUPER FOODS from around the world, BerryClair a leader in antioxidant protection. It has been tested and shown to offer broad spectrum protection from free radical damage.


7) What makes BerryClair different compares to other collagen drink /supplements?
BerryClair contains COLLAGEN TRIPEPTIDE – the minimum unit of collagen which enhanced its functionality significant; while other collagen supplements in the market are either collagen, collagen peptide or hydrolysed collagen.The minimum unit size of Collagen Tripeptide allows IMMEDIATE absorption by the body and ensures the OPTIMUM delivery of the essential peptides and amino acids to the target tissues, e.g. skin, bones, cartilage. BerryClair Collagen Tripeptide is cold water soluble, highly bioavailable and bioactive. These make it the best option as a functional beverage as compared to the conventional collagen, gelatin or hydrolysed collagen.


8) Are there any scientific studies to proof the effectiveness of Purryn BerryClair?
Scientific research has been done on each of the ingredients in terms of safety and efficacy.


9) What is the recommended dosage for BerryClair to be taken each day?
One (1) to two (2) sachet a day, anytime in a day, before or after food is fine.

While a single serving of BerryClair is designed to be an efficacious daily dose, many people enjoy this delicious berries drink more than once a day.


10) How to prepare and drink?
Mix 1 sachet with 200ml water (room-temperature or cold water). Stir and shake well before drink.

Normal if bubbles formed after shaking. Normal if sediment accumulation occurs.


11) Can I mix Purryn BerryClair with liquids other than water?
Of course, experiment and find your favorite. However, it is not advised to mix Purryn BerryClair with hot water, milk, carbonated water or sparkling water.


12) How soon will I be able to see the results?
Every individual reacts differently to any supplement. Some may see immediate results while others may take longer time. It is advisable that you consume BerryClair regularly to obtain the best results and see a difference in just 28 days!


13) Do I need to continue drinking regularly if I already satisfy with the result?
You may change your consumption to maintenance purpose. Be reminded that, our skins and bodies are attacked from free radicals and UV rays everyday. Also our bodies keep losing collagen every day and as we age, the production of collagen slows down. External factors such as pollution, stress, imbalance diet and lifestyle, etc. will further accelerate the process. Therefore, it is best recommended to consume on alternate days for maintenance to enjoy youthful and glowing skin.


14) Is BerryClair habit-forming?
BerryClair is laboratory tested and 100% safe to consume, and it is free from hormones, steroids, chemicals and drugs. BerryClair will not cause habit-forming or dependency.


15) Is there any side effect of taking BerryClair?
There is no evidence on any side effect. BerryClair is safe to consume, and contains no preservatives, no artificial coloring or flavoring, no chemicals, and no hormones.


16) Will BerryClair cause any allergic reaction?
There is no known allergic reaction from this product.


17) Can BerryClair be taken on an empty stomach?
You may consume BerryClair with or without food. Some people with sensitive stomachs may still prefer to take BerryClair with food or sip it slowly over an hour.


18) Is it safe to consume BerryClair when I have menses?
Yes, it is safe.


19) Is BerryClair suitable for pregnant lady and breast feeding mother?
Many pregnant and lactating women enjoy BerryClair. However, we always advise consulting your doctor before taking any supplement during pregnancy or breast feeding.


20) Is BerryClair suitable for vegetarian?
It does not suitable for vegetarian because it contains collagen tripeptide (from marine fish).


21) Can a diabetic patient consume BerryClair?
BerryClair contains NO SUGAR ADDED. However, diabetic patients are on special monitor diet. They need to monitor their daily intake of appropriate proportion of food including basic daily necessity such as rice, wheat, flour, etc. We would like to suggest you to consult your health care professional or physician should you have any doubt.


22) Should I consult my physician before taking BerryClair?
Generally we always recommend consulting your physician before taking a supplement.


23) Can I consume BerryClair together with other medication?
You can take with at least 2 hours interval in between supplement and medication. If you take any medication, you should always check with your doctor before taking any supplements.


24) How many sachets in a box of BerryClair?
15sachets x 12gram


25) Why powder?
Powder is the best delivery system to accomplish all the goals of this product. The ingredients remain more stable and efficacious if left in a protected, dry state until consumption.


26) Why do I notice slight changes in taste or colour from one batch to another?
Slight flavor and color changes in BerryClair is a result of using natural products with no artificial flavoring or coloring. We have many quality controls in place to ensure efficacy does not vary or drop below established standards. Our processes and controls also ensure that from an ingredient standpoint the product is identical from batch to batch.


27) Does BerryClair have Best Before Date?
The best before date is two years from the manufacture date. It is printed on each box in the format of “MM/YY.”

Order FAQ

1) How can I make a purchase?
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2) What and where is my order confirmation number?
The order confirmation number can be retrieved

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3) How long does it take to confirm my order?
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4) Can I amend my order after it has been confirmed and paid for?
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6) Can I order through phone?
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Payment FAQ

1) Is it safe and secure to shop at prides itself in providing a safe and secure shopping experience. Your personal information is kept secure and private during the entire checkout process. Our website has implemented SHA-2 certificates (256-bit) end-to-end encryption secured web services (HTTPS) where all information are end-to-end encrypted.


2)What kind of payment method may I use at
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Shipping FAQ

1) What are your delivery options and how much is shipping?
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2) Can I collect my order (self pickup)?
You can collect your order by yourselves if you are staying in Penang, Malaysia. Please stated in the note during checkout or email us if you have this request.


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As we require a signature for all packages, we do not ship to P.O. BOX or Parcel Lockers. We only ship to valid residential or office address to which we can ship the order.


4) What should I do if my order has not arrived?
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Returns FAQ

1) What happens if I am unhappy with the product I purchase or I changed my mind?
Unfortunately we do not accept return of items if you have made an incorrect purchase or you changed your mind after receiving the items. Please review your cart before completing the order.


2) Can I test the products before buying them online?
We do not have an option to test or see the products before purchasing them. However, we do have a dedicated team that are ready to answer all your questions. You may email us at